The Tamaroff family has a long-reaching legacy in business, having built and launched over 10 successful companies spanning more than half a century. From automotive to creative to leasing and philanthropy – they have become established leaders in multiple industries. To learn even more about this impressive organization take a look below.


Marv Tamaroff, a true pioneer of the Detroit automotive industry, stepped out on faith in 1971 and was awarded an unprecedented Honda franchise – ultimately paving the way for what is now known as one of Michigan’s leading Honda dealerships. Over 50 years later, his risks paid off. Today’s Tamaroff Honda is proudly hailed as Michigan’s #1 Volume Selling Dealer, selling and servicing more Hondas than any other dealership in the city.

Since 1985, Tamaroff Nissan has been proud to provide Southfield customers with top-notch service at unbeatable prices. Over the last few years, the dealership has become one of the highest-rated dealers in America and earned several awards – including back-to-back Awards of Excellence from Nissan. In 2014, 2015, and 2017, Tamaroff Nissan was named the #1 Altima dealer in Michigan (2014) and #1 Detroit Dealer (2015) – a testament to their steadfast commitment to excellent standards.

Jeffrey Honda has been a proud fixture on the Gratiot Avenue scene since 1983 when Jeffrey Tamaroff opened it as part of his larger Roseville campus. Since then, the dealership has continued to provide exceptional new and pre-owned services for its clients after over four decades in business. As one of Michigan’s most trusted auto dealerships, it remains committed to providing reliable vehicles accompanied by unparalleled customer care.

Jeffrey Nissan arrived on the scene in 1996 to serve Roseville with specialized sales and service for new and Certified Pre-Owned Nissans. Strategically placed on the East Side, Jeffrey Nissan was uniquely suited to meet the needs of its surrounding communities – a perfect complement to Tamaroff Nissan’s presence in Southfield.

Established in 1998 as one of the first Kia dealers in Michigan, Jeffrey Kia quickly became a pillar of the Michigan automotive market thanks to their dedication to providing reliable sales and service that remain unrivaled throughout the state.

In 1986, Jeffrey Acura made history by opening its doors in Roseville as the first and only Acura dealer in Michigan and the 17th in the nation – this marked a pivotal moment for luxury car dealership standards across America. Led by passionate, exceptional customer service team members over the last 35 years, the dealership has proudly skyrocketed to become ranked #1 nationwide for sales and service of all Michigan’s other Acura dealers!

Capture Automotive’s comprehensive automotive solutions connect OEMs and suppliers with a vast range of cost-effective products. With rentals, leasing, and purchasing liquidation options, as well as efficient transportation services revolutionized by total connectivity mobile-app integration and web portal access – we provide the ultimate convenience in keeping you on track for success!

For over 50 years, Tamaroff Leasing has been helping businesses unleash their potential with custom-tailored vehicle leases and comprehensive financing solutions. Our turnkey full-service management support makes it easy to save time and money while pursuing success.

Tamaroff Capital, a private direct lender, offers customized financing solutions for the automotive and real estate industries, emphasizing personalization. We strive to provide timely, tailored capital that works best in a given situation.

At Capture Studio in the Motor City, no event or production shoot is too big or small. We can curate that perfect experience for you – from marketing activations to corporate training events and private parties – our team will work with you to craft a tailor-made solution designed just as your vision requires.

Tamaroff Realty Holdings is an expert in the Michigan property market, with a portfolio of varied and highly desirable commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments. From Class A real estate to unique opportunities for investors, Tamaroff Realty Holdings is an ideal choice for anyone looking to seize success in this vibrant state.

With the vision of Marv Tamaroff in mind, his foundation is devoted to sustaining and furthering the commitments he embodied during life. As a lasting legacy, it honors his core values with ongoing dedication across meaningful causes. He continues to bring smiles, hope, and relief worldwide through this foundation.