FOUNDER / 1925-2021

Marvin M. Tamaroff is the founder of what’s known today as the Tamaroff Group. The company was established as Tamaroff Buick in 1969, when Marvin — a U.S. army veteran, mechanical engineer and former used-car dealer — opened his first store on 12 Mile and Telegraph Road in Southfield. He was the first dealer who dared to open a business on what was then a quiet stretch of farmland. (We don’t have to tell you how many followed in his footsteps.)

Over the next decades, Marvin became the largest Buick dealer in Michigan and one of the most successful in the country. Under his leadership, the company acquired multiple franchises and expanded into various ventures, from car leasing to the Michigan Auto Dealers Self-Insured Fund, which he created in 1980.

Marvin was widely considered a visionary in the car business, but his motto was simple: Take care of the customers, take care of the employees, and the rest will come.

Marvin stepped down from running day-to-day operations in his eighties but until his early nineties he was a frequent presence around the office, where employees — many of whom have worked at the company for decades — always greeted him with a hearty, “Hi, Mr. T!”

Now in the hands of the third generation, the Tamaroff Group continues to be guided by Marvin’s friendly disposition, his kind, generous spirit, and his dedication to always doing right by our employees and customers.



Jeffrey Tamaroff is chairman of The Tamaroff Group, where he brings more than 40 years of experience in all facets of the car business, including business planning, sales, retail, automotive repair, and more.

As the son of company founder Marvin Tamaroff, Jeffrey learned the ins and outs of the car business at a young age before launching Roseville-based Jeffrey Automotive Group (and its inaugural dealership, Jeffrey Buick) in 1983. In 2004 Jeffrey became CEO of Tamaroff Motors, and in 2017 he transitioned ownership of his Roseville dealership to his nephew, Eric, and son, Jason.

Jeffrey has served on several national dealer councils, and he’s currently the president of the Honda and Acura Detroit Auto Dealers Association. He has served as a longtime board member of Metro Jobbers (a local dealer co-op service) as well as MADSIF, the Michigan Auto Dealers Self Insured Fund, and currently sits on the board of Henry Ford Hospitals. He graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in business.



Eric Frehsée is president of The Tamaroff Group, where he oversees daily operations at the company’s 12 properties, including six dealerships, a leasing company, a rental company, a reinsurance company, and more.

The grandson of company founder Marvin Tamaroff, Eric has worked in various roles in the family business since age 14, when he started off painting curbs and parking cars. He joined the company full-time in 2007 and worked his way through all the dealership’s key roles before becoming president in 2021.

Eric serves on Kia’s Central Region Dealer Council, Nissan’s Midwest Regional Dealer Advisory Board, and Acura’s Parts and Service subcommittee — all positions to which he was elected by his industry peers. In 2021 he was named to DBusiness’ 30 in Their 30s List. Eric also works closely with his vendor partners and serves on multiple national boards and committees dedicated to the automotive industry’s growth. He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).



Jason Tamaroff is vice president of The Tamaroff Group, where he oversees all business, finance, and accounting functions for the company. Like his cousin Eric, Jason was a porter at the dealership (before he could legally drive, even), worked in the office during high school, and sold cars during college summers. In 2014, Jason joined the family business full time.

Prior to coming onboard at Tamaroff, Jason, who is a CPA, was vice president at Deloitte Corporate Finance in Chicago for over seven years, advising companies on various strategic options, including acquisitions, sales, divestitures, capital raises, and distressed situations. Jason’s clients included Caterpillar, Ford, Chrysler, and other middle market companies. Jason is a graduate of NCM Institute’s GMEP dealership program and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business with a BA in business administration and a MA in accounting. Jason serves on the finance committee at his children’s school and is a board member at his synagogue.



Susan Haas is the chief financial officer and secretary/treasurer for the Tamaroff Group, where she oversees accounting operations, financial reporting, and financial management for all Tamaroff Group businesses. She has worked for the Tamaroff family since 1988, when she was hired as a receptionist.

Susan has extensive knowledge of dealership operations and has participated in Dealer 20 groups to exchange ideas and learn best practices with other dealers around the country. She has also served on dealer advisory boards to evaluate vendor products prior to customer launch. Susan graduated with a dual BA degree in business and sociology from the University of Michigan.



Howard Frehsée is the president of realty at the Tamaroff Group, where he plays an integral role in securing real estate for the company’s new ventures as well as overseeing all existing properties.

Howard is a former automotive dealer who has more than 30 years of experience in developing and managing real estate in the industrial, commercial, and student-housing sectors. He owns and manages a large portfolio of properties across Michigan, including high-profile student-housing developments in Ann Arbor. 



Shaun Pruitt is president of both Capture Automotive (which supplies automakers with products for research and development) and Tamaroff Leasing, Tamaroff’s financing arm for premium and commercial vehicles.

Shaun has nearly 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, and he’s held leadership positions at Capture since its founding in 2016. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a BBA in marketing.



Adam Helberg is general manager of The Tamaroff Group, where he brings more than 16 years of experience in automotive sales and management to his role of overseeing operations at the company’s six dealerships.

Since joining The Tamaroff Group in 2018, Adam has developed a highly trained and talented team and has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, thanks to his leadership style and focus on customer and employee satisfaction. Adam has achieved several prestigious awards from Honda, Nissan, Kia, and Acura — all manufacturers The Tamaroff Group represents — as well as top accolades for sales and service year after year.



Mike Scenga is the Corporate Performance Director at The Tamaroff Group, where he’s held positions in new- and used-car sales and management for 35-plus years. Mike started working on the Jeffrey used-car lot as a teenager in 1984 with his father, who was the manager at the time.

In his current role, Mike works with all sales and service managers daily, helping their teams achieve goals in sales volume and service satisfaction and performance. Mike graduated with an associate degree in automotive marketing/dealership management from Northwood University.